Why do Limo Companies have to have an immo-report?

Hey.. What’s up everybody!!  Today I’m going to talk about why Limo Companies have to have an immo-report on record.  Limo Companies go through soooo much paperwork while setting up their company.  Like seriously, it’s ridiculous.  I mean why not force all of these companies to partake in this process.  Can you even imagine how stressful and exhausting it would be to finish up all of the paperwork needed to even start up a company and find out that you also need an immo-report? I want to say they take like 30 days to even begin the process.  The company needs the fleet information, the companies owner information, upkeep of the vehicles, etc.  What would you do if that happened to you?  It’s not like the report is even going to mean anything to you the customer.  It’s just another way for the government to make a little extra money on the side. I believe it is unnecessary for companies to have to go through this process. Don’t you?  It’s not like a limo company is some lucrative business or anything like that.  I mean maybe if you live in a huge town or city, but even then maybe. You guys should have seen me the other day on the golf course.  I was playing with some “well off” gentlemen just talking their ears off about how stupid the immo-reports that companies are required to do.  There was an older gentleman that thought I should have been a politician because after complaining about this subject through out our round of golf I had managed to make him agree with everything I had been saying all afternoon.  How wild is that? Of course, the others I was playing with were pretty mad about the conversation.  They disagreed with everything I had been saying.  Saying that I didn’t know what I was talking about and how the process had probably been implemented for years and years.  Telling me that some things are put into place for customers assurance and safety. rolls-royce-limo Whatever, they don’t know what they are talking about anyways. I personally believe it’s a pointless process and that some people are just trying to steal a quick buck from the little guys.  It’s all and all an ignorant process and a time consuming process.  Of course some of the things that they managed to tell me made legitimate sense, but the majority of the crap they were making me hear was just that bull. Yesterday I was working out, and an owner of a cab company asked me to workout with him.  I was shocked because this guy was jacked.  Like full blown steroid eating behemoth.  He had veins shooting out of his cavs and everything.. The whole 9 yards. I managed to ask him weather or not they had to go through the same process.  He smiled and said “Son, I haven’t had to deal with that in years.”  Which meant that in the past he had to deal with this.  He said that after taking out all of the business loans and taking care of all of the paperwork he thought that it was time to get to work.  Unfortunately not.  About a week into his grand opening he had to file this report and was fined a large sum of money. (he wasn’t willing to tell me the exact amount)  But this goes to show you how hard it can be for a new business to kick start in high gear.  Something as small as this can cost you and possibly take you out.


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Welcome to my new Blog people!!

Hey everybody, welcome to my new blog, in this blog I will be talking about how immo-reports are awesome for the community.


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